About us

Gauss started the operations in 1997, due to a dream of 3 friends in developing electric automotive parts to Brazilian market.

It was a small project in the beginning, with the launch of 5 voltage regulators, but it was a big work. In the next year, Gauss started to produce rectifiers and after 17 years, the company manufactures and trade 24 different product lines.

Focused in electric, Gauss leads the sales of voltage regulators and rectifiers in aftermarket, besides of diodes, lamps, bearings and testers.

The company is also growing in injection and ignition lines, supplying fuel pump, fuel injector, idle air sensor, air flow meter, oxygen sensor, sensors, besides modules, coils and spark plugs.

The factory, localized in Cidade Industrial de Curitiba – PR, has 4.400m² of a building area in a land of 8.000m² and with over 100 employees, produces around 185.000 parts in a month and trades further 294.000 to Brazil and exports to more than 40 countries.

Gauss products are developed with PDCA control and certified ISO 9001: 1999 which is controlled by a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS).

The installation of the only factory of hybrid circuits in Brazil with the auto parts factory admits a higher quality of its products, once all products are produced with ceramic boards, resulting in a high efficiency and better heat dissipation.

The growth of the group remained accelerated through a joint venture in 2006, which allowed the opening of a competitive unit in China. The factory, located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, produces more 130.000 monthly parts with the same principles of the Brazilian factory.

The result of all efforts of these 3 friends, brings satisfaction to all employees, distributors and customers of Gauss.